The Not In Here Story


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In this heartwarming adoption story, the Seeks set out to start a family but soon discover it's not going to be easy. So they embark on a journey that takes them through the desert, mountains, and jungle only to find that they didn’t have to travel so far and so wide to find a child to love after all.  

What People Are Saying...

"We have read a lot of books about adoption to our daughter and this was the first one that so perfectly captured the experience of adoption for parents, while also explaining adoption to children."—Julia K. Porter,

"I would highly recommend that adults use this book as a wonderful read-aloud to all ages of kids as a platform to explore the nuanced and sensitive topic of adoption." —starred review,  

"The Not In Here Story is a sweet and heartfelt story of adoption. I was truly swept up in the different emotions of the mommy and daddy; the feeling of something missing in their otherwise complete lives, the initial excitement of deciding to have a baby, the frustration and sadness of not being able to grow a baby, and finally the joy and happiness of discovering their baby in someone else's tummy and being able to bring their little one home. Accompanied by David Bizzaro's Dr Seuss-esque illustrations, Not In Here presents a lovable, must read tale of an alternate path to parenthood." —Chris “Boom!” Wiser of Grammy-featured, family funk super duo, Sugar Free Allstars

"This story tells the power and importance of adoption and family. Of searching until you find your forever child, to open your heart and let your soul soar. I am so grateful for my two dads, my brother, and the family we have created together." —Campbell Walker Fields, adoptee & America's Got Talent contestant

"The Not in Here Story celebrates the miracle of adoption. The story's heartfelt message will resonate with adults and children alike, leaving a positive impression long after the last page is read." —John Shors, bestselling author of Beneath a Marble Sky

"My four year old loved this story. She doesn't yet know anyone who was adopted, but it still made perfect sense to her. She could relate to the couple's frustration and impatience when they couldn't find/make a baby, she loved being reminded of how valuable she herself is and how longed for babies are (or should be), and she admired and was comforted by the parents' perseverance ("but that didn't stop them") as they searched for their child. A wonderful introduction to the topic for little kids, whether or not they were adopted." —Jehanne Moharram, mom and freelance writer & editor

“The Not In Here Story is a beautifully written and illustrated book about the search for family, the importance of perseverance, and the joy that comes when you open your hearts to love.” —Lance McDaniel, independent film producer & director

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