Premium package assurance for your orders

We have partnered with Shipped to offer premium package assurance from unexpected shipment issues of damage, loss, or theft, simplifying the process to get a replacement or refund quickly.

How does it work?

Step 1

  • Add Shipped Shield to your order at time of checkout and get instant premium package assurance from damage, loss, or theft when at least one of the items in the order is shipped. SuperMom Headquarters has opted to include Shipped Shield to every order, free of cost, for our customers. 

Step 2

  • If something goes wrong with your protected order, easily report the issue via our Shield Center or the Shipped app.

SuperMom Headquarters Shield Center

Step 3

  • Shipped reviews the shipment issue, and upon approval, a replacement order will be issued. If a replacement is not available, a refund will be issued back to the original payment account.

For full policy details, view the Shipped Shield Package Assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Shipped Shield Package Assurance?

Shipped Shield offers you a “peace of mind” shopping experience for all of your orders for a small fraction of the order subtotal. Your orders will be fully assured should there be any unexpected shipment issues of damage, loss, or theft.

How do I report a shipment issue to get a replacement or refund?

If something went wrong with your protected order, easily report the issue via our Shield Center. You’ll need the order number and zip code to start. Depending on the shipment issue, you may be asked to provide additional proof such as image, video, or
police report. You can view the full Assurance Guarantee for detailed guidelines on reporting a shipment issue.

SuperMom Headquarters Shield Center


Can I cancel Shipped Shield?

If your item hasn’t shipped yet, please reach out to us to cancel Shipped Shield from your order.
If your item has already shipped, Shipped Shield is protecting your package in transit. If your package is lost, damaged or stolen, Shipped Shield provides a no-hassle solution for quickly resolving your shipment issue.


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