Hi, I’m Jasmine Ray, owner of SuperMom Headquarters. When I had my first child, I was surprised to discover how overlooked moms were in the retail space. Although moms are responsible for most day-to-day purchasing decisions, very few products were readily available to help moms feel better about themselves and make their lives easier. I didn’t know what I could do to change the situation, but I definitely felt like an afterthought every time I stepped into a clothing store or baby retailer.

   I felt even worse after I had my son, while in the throes of post-partum depression and anxiety, I had to shuttle my son between multiple therapies and breastfeeding support meetings to help him through failure to thrive and lip and tongue ties. I was more exhausted than I thought possible (which is hard to believe, considering I also have narcolepsy), and I couldn’t find any space in which I felt I belonged.

   I began talking to my husband about my dreams to own a shop - catering to moms - where I could host breastfeeding and cloth diapering groups, have a play area for kids while mom shopped, and comfy couches where moms could sit, have a conversation, and a coffee or tea. A space where local mom-preneurs could display and sell their eco-friendly and mom-centered goods, and moms could find the products they love and trust for themselves and their families. With his support, I started SuperMom Headquarters on Facebook in March 2018, selling only Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags and locally made graphic tees from Three Sparrows Apparel. Since then, I’ve expanded to my own website, SuperMomHeadquarters.com, and local markets and pop-ups around Indianapolis. I’ve added well-known brands like Itzy Ritzy, GoSili, and Eco-Kids, along with local mom-owned and small-batch companies like Maui Fruit Jewels, Global Soaps, Kids for Culture, and Wordy Toys. I’ve also added books, toys, art supplies, and laundry and kitchen products to our inventory. While SuperMom Headquarters hasn’t moved into a storefront (yet), I can still vividly see what that space will look like once I’m able to move into that phase.

   In my continuing effort to support other small businesses, SuperMom Headquarters has partnered with EcoEnclose to provide eco-friendly shipping supplies. Our package stickers are all sourced from original artists, and I’m always seeking new brands to stock - particularly those owned by moms and women-of-color.

Thank you for being a SuperMom! I'm so excited and honored to have you here.

- Jasmine


As of April 1, 2024, I have made the difficult decision to close SuperMom Headquarters. I appreciate each  and every person who has supported me during the last 6 years, and I wish you all well. Thank you for your love and your kind words. I hope that I may return to this space in the future and resurrect this little dream of mine, but, for now, I must say, “goodbye friends”. 


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