The Blue Pool Of Questions


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A man who doesn’t quite fit in arrives in a city full of busy people who don’t have much time for his weird songs, flower arrangements, and especially…his questions! One day, he asks so many questions that they form a giant pool in the middle of the city that stops everyone in their tracks. The man gathers up the courage to dive into the pool looking for answers, but what will he find under all that water? 

Through award-winning illustrations and poetic language, this tale underscores the importance of curiosity, the necessity of asking questions, and the courage required to break free from the status quo. 

First published in Palestine in 2015 and winner of the 2016 Etisalat Award for Arabic Children's Literature. Translated from Arabic.

“The Blue Pool of Questions is deep, and the reader has the choice of how far she wants to dive into it. The quest is not for easy answers, it is more to ask the right questions.” –Gita Wolf, children’s book author & founder of Tara Books

"Maya Abu-Alhayyat's haunting, evocative text and Hassan Manasrah's exquisitely gorgeous art combine to make a book worth holding very close. Give it to all your friends, big and little. We meet a man who lives his whole life with questions, then simply dives into them. He reminds us of the people we love most. He is the sea and the sky. He is Palestine and the United States and anywhere else you ever loved that did not quite live up to Best Dreams of Justice and Fairness. Children, who carry the most wonderful questions of all, will not be confounded that this book actually does not ask a single one. It respects that you will have your own. Thank you, Debwania, for your gracious translation. I love this book with all my heart." —Naomi Shihab Nye, acclaimed poet & author of Jane Addams Children’s Book Award winner, Habibi

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