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Designed with style, function and comfort in mind, our KeaBabies Soothe Swaddle Wrap uses a 2-way stretch fabric knit (non-horizontal stretch) together with ultra strength non-scratch hook and loop fasteners to ensure that your baby is held snugly inside the swaddle wrap at all times. Securing your baby from shoulders to torso allows natural movement of the hips, which is safe and ergonomic for their physical development.

Ergonomically Designed

  • Certified Hip-Healthy Product - International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)
  • Organic Cotton - GOTS License No.: 1042833
  • Available in 2 sizes: Suitable for babies up to 28 inches
  • A great baby shower gift: 3 cute pieces in a sustainable gift box


Size Chart

    One Size
  • Age/Mths: 0-3
  • Weight/Lbs: 7-15
  • Height/Inches: 19-25

The Soothing Swaddle Wraps

Swaddling calms colic and helps babies sleep better – and sleep plays a key role in your baby’s cognitive and physical growth. KeaBabies Soothe Baby Swaddle Wraps provide warmth and snugness that mimics a womb environment, offering a safe sense of calm for your baby.


For a Healthy, Restful Sleep

Putting your newborn to sleep can be challenging for new parents. When wrapped snugly in KeaBabies Soothe Baby Swaddle Wraps, your baby will transition to sleep faster and easier. The safe and snug environment also mimics the womb, which prevents the startle reflex that usually happens in the middle of the night.

A Wider Size Coverage

Some babies are petite, some are bigger than their peers, and some grow so fast. Our Swaddle Wraps accommodate different sizes – with adjustable necklines to suit babies from 6 to 20 lbs.

Soft and Durable

Made of 100% premium, anti-shrink organic cotton, our Soothe Swaddle Wraps are soft and gentle for delicate skin. They require simple care, are durable, and withstand plenty of washes.

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