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With 9 children, we were interested in a cost-effective, natural, chemical-free laundry soap that REALLY cleaned - and this is it! 

Having clean, chemical free clothes doesn't need to be complicated.  Our laundry soap contains just three or four ingredients - with the main one being a specially formulated bar of our goat's milk soap that truelly cleans!  Hours of research online as well as a lot of trial and error brought us to the recipe we have used in our family for years.



Does it work in high efficiency washers?  Yes, we have a front-loading H.E. machine and have used it in ours for years.  If you have a place on your machine that slides from liquid to powder, we do recommend you sliding it to the powdered section.

Do bubbles or lather form?  No, or if any do form it will be miniscule.  Bubbles does not equate to clean (even though they are fun!).

Can I use it in septic systems?  Yes, we have used it in ours for years.  Never a problem.

Do I really use only 1 tablespoon per load?  Yes, for a regular load with a HIGH EFFICIENCY washing machine use only 1 tablespoon.  Now, if you are cramming in as many articles of clothing as you can so that you can barely close the door because the sleeve of a shirt keeps getting in the way, (breathe) you might want to add just a bit more :)  For washing machines that ARE NOT high efficiency use up to 2 tablespoons. You can expect to wash about 64 high efficiency loads of laundry with one 2 LB bag of Global Soaps laundry soap!

We want to go all-natural for our baby.  Would you use this on yours?  Our youngest is now four - but if we had it when our children were infants, we would not have hesitated to use it on their clothing, including cloth diapers.

Will my clothes smell like Lavender after they are dried?  No.  Your clothes will rinse clean.  We only use essential oils to scent the laundry soap to give a nice, fragrant scent in the air while loading your machine.  Our goal in washing our clothes is to have all the dirt/stains/and scent wash away down that drain!



Ditch that liquid fabric softener and those fabric softener sheets which are packed with chemicals! Try using good old-fashioned white vinegar instead!  Our washing machine has a section for liquid fabric softener.  We fill it to the "fill line" - wihich is about half of a cup.

Whitener - our laundry soap alone does a good job and whitening, but if you are looking for something a little more along the lines of bleach, give hydrogen peroxide a try!  Use up to 1 cup per load!

Stubborn stains?  Give our all natural laundry stain remover bar a try!  We have gotten out everything from ring-around-the collar to spaghetti sauce splattered on a white shirt!



Our all natural goat's milk soap (saponified coconut oil, water, goat's milk), sodium carbonate (similar to baking soda), sodium tetraborate (a natural mineral), lavender essential oil.  That's it!

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