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Pick your favorite charity to donate the proceeds to, then set up shop to raise money by covering people in colorful tattoos. The enclosed tattooed tablecloth, advertising poster, and megaphone will help you get customers into "The Lounge" where you can decorate their bodies from a choice of over 125 amazing artistic temporary tattoos. The money box that you assemble will keep the donations you collect safe until you are able to send them off to your charity of choice. 

 What You Get:

  • 8 sheets with over 125 premium temporary tattoos
  • decorative card table cover
  • 2 "I'm the Tattoo Artist your mother warned you about" stickers
  • 1 black tattoo application sponge
  • 1 Ruckus-the-Renegade change collection box
  • 1 megaphone sleeve
  • 1 giant advertising poster
  • 1 Renegade mask

 This Kit Supports:

At Part Time Renegade, LLC., we believe in both inspiring good and doing good ourselves. That is why we not only encourage you to give the money you raise with this kit to your favorite charity, but we also donate a portion of the purchase price of every kit to a deserving charity that we believe in.

Every Fairly Painless Tattoo Lounge for Charity purchased will help benefit Camp Kesem , a nationwide community, driven by passionate college students, that supports children through and beyond their parent's cancer. (Find out more about their fun-filled, innovative programs at www.campkesem.org). We thank you for your purchase.


 Creative ways to use this kit:

Our customers are so creative! They've used this kit inside and outside for lots of fun activities:

  • a sorority used this as a really fun and different fundraiser
  • this was set up at a Farmers Market for a fun activity for the kids that were there
  • it was a HUGE hit at a neighborhood block party
  • at a high school this was done in lieu of a bake sale
  • this was done at a birthday party as an activity and the kids were asked to bring presents to donate to a local charity​

What will you come up with?

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