Green Sprouts

A Family Tradition

Founded in 1982, Green Sprouts has been mother-daughter owned and operated for over 35 years, with a mission to provide healthy and practical products for the well-being and whole development of babies and children, along with resources for parenting naturally.



our vision

We imagine a world in which babies live a healthy, happy, and radiant life and maximize their potential through our products, people, partnerships, and actions.


 Woman Owned


Green Sprouts employs over 65+ team members in Asheville, North Carolina – with over 60% of top management positions filled by women – and has been a supporting member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) for over 10 years!


nurturing babies naturally since 1982


Our Guiding Product Principles

Guided by principles, we design and develop innovative and award-winning products from safer materials that empower parents to get outside with their children and support natural parenting.

The icons below are found on our packaging to represent the principles we used when making that product. When purchasing from green sprouts®, you are making a contribution towards intentional and principle-based product development – and that is something to feel good about!

pioneering safer materials for health and safety

Health and safety are our top priority. First and foremost, we choose safe, quality materials and strive to exceed international testing standards. When possible, we choose natural materials.

 Without BPA BPS BPF Without PVC Without Formaldehyde Without azo dyes non-petroleum material
water-based stains hypoallergenic UPF protection 100% UVA UVB


Did you know? Blue
Green Sprouts has been on the forefront in researching harmful additives and safer materials, which has been core to our philosophy to ensure that our products are free of substances that pose a health risk to babies.


designing from the baby’s perspective

Our products support babies’ healthy physical, emotional, and mental growth and development. To us, “designing from the baby’s perspective” means that we put ourselves in the mind of the child when designing every product we make: How does the seam feel to the baby? What senses will this stimulate? Is this comfortable in baby’s hand? How will this support baby’s growth and development?

 interactive movement communication cognitive creative naturalist


Did you know? Green
Did you know millions of disposable swim diapers are manufactured each year only to be thrown out after a single use. Our reusable swim diapers can be used all season then passed along to a friend when it’s outgrown, reducing the amount of trash sent into landfills.


supporting natural parenting with ease

We always consider practical comfort for babies and convenience for parents. Our products are designed to be fundamentally useful and effective with multiple, unique functions.

 waterproof material breathable wick away absorbent water friendly reversible
stackable lightweight machine washable dishwasher safe pre-washed sterilizer safe


Did you know? Yellow
Our best-selling Swim Diaper has a unique, patented triple-layer design to help provide secure protection and encourages freedom of movement. You won’t find another diaper on the market with the same functionality!