OSKER Ceramic Fireproof Fire Pit Skull | Halloween Decor


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OSKER is a leading brand of fire pit and fireplace accessories based in the United States. We design, develop, and source products to enhance the fire pit experience. We're here to help you keep your fire pit lit!

  • GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER - Fire Pit Skulls add element of FUN to gatherings around the fire with family and friends
  • AWESOME VISUAL - Flames escape out the nose, eye sockets, and top of the Skull Log and keep you entertained while watching the fire
  • HIGH QUALITY FIREPROOF SKULL - Handmade Fire Skull Log withstands temps up to 1,800°F and has a 5 year factory guarantee
  • SPECIAL PACKAGING FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION - Packing foam shapes around Ceramic Skull for added stability in transport
  • PERFECT DECORATION - Put a candle underneath the Skull for a fun creepy effect at indoor parties or outdoor trick-or-treating
  • GREAT CRAFTSMANSHIP - Highly detailed, hand-painted with fireproof paint, and extremely durable.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Made with heat-resistant refractory ceramic fibers with no toxins or harmful chemicals allowing a clean burn to keep your friends and family safe.

Perfect for Many Occasions!

  • Fireplaces, bonfires, campfires, or backyard fire pits
  • Driveway trick-or-treating
  • Halloween parties
  • Day of the Dead celebrations
  • Holiday decor

See how great the Osker Fire Pit Skull looks!

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