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My Little Farm is the second product in SmartFelt Toys’ line of language-building multi-sensory toys.

MLF was just awarded two prestigious honors from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal (2019) for its overall excellence as a toy and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal (2019) for being a “special needs adaptable product.”

Like My Little House, My Little Farm is a multi-sensory, multi-purpose, interactive, reversible 3D playhouse.

32 colorful and matching felt pieces stick to this wonderful, kid-friendly barn and farm environment.

There are adorable farm animals, a multi-ethnic family of 4, loads of farm objects and weather concepts like sunny and rainy days.

In addition to matching activities, My Little Farm features an area for open-ended creative free play where kiddos can put the pieces wherever they want and create their own stories.

Three ways to use it:

Lay it flat, assemble it as a 3D barn, or flip it around and create a super fun farm.

Matching and Open Ended Play:

The inside of the barn is all matching, but on the outside of the barn and in the fields, kiddos can put pieces wherever they want!


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