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This is a story not about a heron or a robot or a chicken, but about me: Henry the boy.

Henry the Boy shows us that no matter how different we feel, we are all more similar than we at first appear. This is not a story about a heron or a robot or a chicken but an ordinary boy with daily struggles, triumphs, and an extraordinary imagination. Henry uses forearm crutches decorated with animal stickers. He sometimes feels out of place at school, especially when he gets made fun of, but through his own rich imagination and his friendship with Joel, Henry learns to define himself on his own terms.


“Moral Courage: Raising Kids Who Stand Up for What’s Right,” The Brave Bookshelf List. —ParentMap

“A quietly humorous, encouraging story of friendship, disability, and self-confidence.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The combination of color, curiously engaging line drawings, and story will draw the youngest back to this book again and again. In the process, they will meet HENRY the BOY, absorbing the appealing sense that we are all more alike than different, and we can do more than others might imagine we can. In the process this offers a wealth of discussion potential about topics of resilience, empathy, confidence, and problem solving.” —Unpacking Picture Book Power 

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