SuperMom Headquarters (SMHQ) is actively seeking 5-8 Ambassadors who will assist us in broadening our customer base and provide feedback about potential new products. The term for each Ambassador will be four months, although the term may be discontinued at any time, at the discretion of SMHQ, or at the written request of the Ambassador. Terms will not be automatically renewed, but current Ambassadors may apply to continue through the next term.

Please read through the following, which outlines our Ambassador Program, and follow the link at the bottom if you'd like to apply. We are currently accepting applications for the November 1. 2020 - February 28, 2021 term. Thank you!


Characteristics of a SuperMom Headquarters Ambassador

  • Genuinely enthusiastic about sharing SMHQ
  • Recommends SMHQ before other retailers
  • Positive and professional
    • Knowledgeable about our products/brands
    • Confident about making product recommendations
    • Able to build relationships with customers
  • Strong social media presence
  • Post often
  • Create a culture of inclusivity
  • Embody the core values of SMHQ
    • Polite
    • Compassionate
    • Conscientious
    • Inclusive
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently
    • Easily identify solutions to customer issues
    • Offer constructive criticism
    • Ask questions as necessary
  • Creative
    • Create fresh, unique content for social media sharing
    • Gear content towards prospective audience

Ambassador Requirements

  • Must live in the U.S.
  • Be highly knowledgeable in at least 1-2 brands that SMHQ offers
  • Maintain an active VIP Club account
  • Register as Ambassador through our GoAffPro link (sent after acceptance into the program), and keep account current
  • Active in SMHQ social media pages
    • Facebook SMHQ Chat
      • Answer questions
      • Conversation Starter
    • SMHQ Business Page
      • Comment/Like posts
      • Share
    • SMHQ Ambassador group
      • Read and comment on EVERY post
      • Keep all information confidential
    • Instagram page
      • Comment/Like posts
      • Share posts
      • Tag in stories
    • Create at least 2 unique posts for social media platforms per month
      • Photographs must be clear, well-lit, and clutter-free
      • Use hashtags on every post (including product reviews):
        • #supermomvip
        • #ambassador
        • #smhq
  • Product Reviews
    • Post on SMHQ website
    • At least one review per order
    • Must be posted within 14 days of product receipt
    • Max of 4/week
    • 20 character minimum
  • Minimum 1 item purchased every two months; must remain current customer
  • Failure to meet requirements may result in termination of agreement


  • Ambassadors receive 10% Commission for each successful referral
    • A successful referral is a purchase made through the use of a referral code or link
    • Each Ambassador will have an individual code granting the user 10% off their entire purchase. Codes can be reused for subsequent purchases.
    • Commission is paid, via PayPal, on the 1st and 15th days of each month
  • Ambassadors receive regular benefits of VIP Club
  • Ambassadors each receive a customized code for PERSONAL USE ONLY, granting 20% off (prior to shipping/taxes) 
    • Codes must NOT be shared; sharing codes or using your code to purchase items for other people may result in termination of agreement
    • Coupon codes and/or automatic discounts cannot be combined
    • Excludes "Final Sale" items
  • Occasional samples will be offered via the SMHQ Ambassador group
  • Exclusive permission to use title “SuperMom Ambassador”, where applicable, on social media platforms
  • Exclusive giveaways
  • First look at new products
  • Group exclusive preorders on new products

If you'd like to be a SuperMom Headquarters Ambassador, please apply here:


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