Sun Days Goods

SUN DAYS was created with a mission to educate the public about the devastating consequences of plastic and to strive to decrease the tons of single use plastic discarded every year. SUN DAYS beeswax wraps are the first product to be introduced. A fun, functional, long lasting alternative to plastic for food storage. We as a society have the technology to reduce and eliminate single use plastic, but consumers are conditioned to use cling wrap, bags and foil; products that not only destroy our oceans and lands, but our overall health by poisoning us with toxic chemicals. I want to bring awareness to this tragedy by giving people the choice of a better, alternative product that delivers the exact purpose with the same ease and convenience, but without the pollution and destruction as our current counterparts. SDG is a company that will continue to design and create new products as part of a line that will contribute collectively as a change for sustainability and preservation. Thank you!