Orchid Hearts Design

Orchid Hearts Design began by accident. I was expecting my first child and was shopping for the necessities that every new Mom should have. I was not impressed with the options for Diaper bags: Why were they all so unfashionable and plain? 

Discussions with my friends revealed the same thoughts: Why do we have to carry something so generic? We were not quite ready to say goodbye to our designer handbags, but knew that we would not want to carry a handbag and diaper bag. Eventually I purchased a diaper bag that I thought would work.  But a seed of an idea had been planted while I was searching for the right diaper bag. 

I learned a few things as I carried that diaper bag. I would ask my friends, “What do you like about your bag?” Everyone had an opinion and ideas of what would make their bag better. My seed of an idea began to take shape and a list of “must haves” to be included was started….

Yes, there are many beautiful and different diaper bag brands on the market.  But, do everyday Moms design these big brand names? Did they think about how we wear their products daily?  Do they truly know what a mom needs to carry in a diaper bag? Or maybe they are just concerned with basics: Bottles and diapers. With all these questions and concerns, I started a journey, a mission to design and produce a great looking diaper bag that will replace beautiful handbags. 

Handbags are often a woman’s most important accessory, and that handbag goes everywhere with us! Any bag we carry has a difficult job, especially a diaper bag. A diaper bag is responsible for carrying some of our most important necessities for our tiny VIP.  There are a multitude of things that need to be carried when out with your baby! Your diaper bag must keep you ultra organized and the things you need accessible. And I thought, “Why can’t it do so while making a Mom feel beautiful and elegant?”

I found a few diaper bag options on the market that accomplished their goal of organization. Some brands seemed to scream; "Baby On Board'! When my friends and I did find a bag we loved the look of; it would lack the necessary pockets! It was either utilitarian or Chic, not both!

During all this time my seed of an idea had begun to grow like another child! I knew with the help of my friends that we could design a bag that Mom’s would want to carry; a fashion accessory diaper bag. Orchid Hearts Design was born!

Our goal is to design beautiful bags that make you feel great and help you stay organized. We know that you probably will not forget your designer handbag that is temporarily stored away. But our diaper bags are designed as a fashion accessory so you will not miss it so much!

We are a small group of Moms designing beautiful bags that you will want to carry every day, all day. We invite you to try our designs. Please tell us what you think, what you want to see in the future and we promise to hear each and every one of you. With your input, we will design a product that will make Mom’s life a little easier and more beautiful. 

We will be continually innovating and providing more options to those Moms that are looking for something different, something new, something fresh. Join us at Orchid Hearts Designs in creating your diaper bags.



Orchid Hearts Design warrants against manufacturer’s defects for up to 6 months after date of delivery for the original order. If the item cannot be repaired, we will replace it with the same style and color of bag. Replacement bags are covered under the 6 months warranty from the date of delivery for the original order; the 6 months warranty does not renew at the date of delivery of the replacement bag. If the item cannot be repaired or replaced, we will issue a Store Credit for use on our website in the amount of the original purchase. Please note that irreparable items will not be returned.

To help our customers understand what is NOT covered under our warranty, here is a helpful list:

  • Leather Wrinkles: full-grain leather is a natural hide that comes from a cow, and sometimes there are natural marks that come from the cow's environment. We view these variations as the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather, and absolutely normal.
  • Wear and Tear: as you journey through every season of motherhood, bumps and scrapes will inevitably happen...and your Orchid Hearts Design is no exception!
  • Accidents: if your child draws on your bag, a strap breaks in a game of tug-o-war, the bag is incorrectly cleaned or treated, something gets spilled on the bag, or any other sort of accidental misuse...Orchid Hearts Design does not cover repair or replacement. Orchid Hearts Design also does not offer warranty coverage for bags that have been intentionally damaged.

If a warranty claim is made within the first 30 days from the date of delivery for the original order, Orchid Hearts Design will provide a return shipping label and ship a replacement bag at no cost, unfortunately refund is not an option. Items returned under our warranty policy for refund must be in "unaltered and reflect limited use condition.

If a warranty claim is made within the first 180 days from the date of delivery for the original order, Orchid Hearts Design will cover the cost of repair and shipping both ways. For warranty claims made after 180 days from the date of delivery for the original order, the customer is responsible to pay for shipping cost to our repair center and Orchid Hearts Design will cover the cost of any repair and return shipping.

What is Not Covered:

Used or second-hand bags, bags purchased from the secondary market, or bags that were not originally purchased from us or one of our retailers, tears in the fabric not related to stitching, animal damage, and customized products.