On Your Sleeve

ON YOUR SLEEVE is an LGBTQ+ female founded apparel & accessories brand that is bringing awareness and donations to pressing social issues. So far, we’re focused on the border crisis, climate change, racial equality, women’s rights, animal liberation, and LGBTQ+ equality. 

Each day is an opportunity to bring change to the world around you. We make it easy. Just by wearing your favorite shirt or carrying your favorite tote, you’re: 
  • Supporting small business
  • Supporting eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing
  • Bringing awareness to the issue of your choice
  • Donating 15% of proceeds to the carefully curated organizations we partner with
  • Looking good!

Every time you get dressed, you're making a statement -- to yourself & those around you. Our brand allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve -- showing that you care what you wear, which industries you support, and whether or not your clothing negatively impacts the world around you. 

Look good + feel good: wear the cause ON YOUR SLEEVE.

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