Musical Crossroads Memory Game

Little Likes Kids

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The musical crossroads memory game includes all kinds of musical instruments, accessories, and dances to pique a young child’s interest in all things rocking and tune their tastes to culture. From the world of symphonies to djs and turntables, it has every sound check complete.

Educational toys that represent cultural and ethnic differences to children accurately and clearly can be hard to find. That is why Little Likes Kids has made it their mission to provide fun, interactive, and colorful toys that represent boys and girls of all backgrounds interacting and playing together. This powerful message is communicated through the eye-catching original artwork we use to create each of our unique puzzles and matching games.

Little Likes Kids is a women-owned, certified-minority business—founded by a mother who wanted toy options for her son that reflected his friends' and his experiences. Each unique puzzle's design uses bright and playful images to represent diversity, fun, and love, making them excellent classroom supplies for preschool and kindergarten teachers. Our puzzles for kids are designed to teach in a visual-spatial manner, specifically catering to hands-on learners and providing children from an early age a clear picture of what families are like and how each one is different in its own unique way.

  • EDUCATIONAL: These toddler games are designed to aid in child cognitive brain development, learning, and memory. Use this fun kids' game to teach children about the importance of playing together and being kind to one another.
  • MULTICULTURAL: The Musical Crossroads Memory Game's original artwork represents diversity by depicting families of mixed race and ethnicity. It's important that all children work with learning tools and toys that represent them and the world around them.
  • AGES 3 AND UP: Our fun and interactive educational games are intended for children that are preschool age and above, making them a great learning tool for nearly all kids. Our classic games and puzzles make great birthday gifts for any child.
  • CLASSROOM ESSENTIAL: Little Likes Kids products are perfect teaching tools. Stock your classroom or at-home learning setup with kids' puzzles, matching games, and other engaging learning tools that highlight the diversity of families.
  • LITTLE LIKES KIDS: As professional educators and mothers who want children to have a well-rounded learning experience, we carefully curated each of our child-development tools to aid in child development and provide an accurate view of the world.
  • Number of Pieces: 24

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