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Coconut oil on its own is wonderful for dry skin, but when turned into soap it becomes an amazing, super stain fighter by attaching to all the itty-bitty, little particles that caused the stain and washing them down the drain!  To make it an even stronger stain fighter, we added the ever-wonderful Tea Tree Essential Oil to our formula!  Customers have used it to remove ring-around-the-collar, spaghetti sauce, blood, grass stains and more!


I (Karen) grudginly admit it - I am pretty bad about doing laundry, and it can pile up often around here even though I "outsource" it to some of the kids!  But the story here is about stains.  Kevin had some pretty bad ring-around-the-collar on some of his dress shirts about the time we were adopting from Colombia.  Having other things on our minds besides stains, those shirts sat for quite awhile (we are talking months here!).  After we were back from Colombia and things began to settle down around the house, I was able to take a closer look at his shirts.  Kevin and I bought commercially-made stain removers and gave them a shot but they failed thier duty.  Dry cleaners - same thing.  It was then that I went online and did my own research in order to develop a recipe that was all natural and that would really work.  Now, those stains had set in for quite awhile so I went ahead and lathered the stain remover bar on a damp stain really well.  I let it sit overnight and added more when it dried.  The next day, I lathered it on the stain again and went ahead and pre-soaked the shirt.  Then, I washed and dried it.  WOW!  Good as new!  On our facebook page we posted before and after pictures of the shirt - to which we recieved a response of, "Is that a new shirt?" And that is our story of how we came up with our family's own all natural stain remover bar!


Coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, goat's milk (hand-milked!), tea tree essential oil.  That's it!

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