Fantasy Paradise

It’s a tokidoki surprise party, and you’re our VIP guest! Fantasy Paradise is a vibrant celebration of art and joy—featuring the largest variety of characters and distinct scenes ever depicted on a JJB x tokidoki print! From azure sky to crystalline sea, you’ll never run out of things to discover in this colorful wonderland. You’ll love finding familiar favorites like Donutella as an archer and adorably-shocked Sandy, then moving on to discover a bevy of beautiful Mermicornos frolicking near a medieval castle! Fantasy Paradise is full of never-before-seen surprises, with a special two-toned teal interior and surprise character-shaped zipper pulls! These fanciful pulls feature the adorable octopus-pirate named Piratako, and he’s absolutely thrilled to secure your loot!  Make every outing a vacation—get Fantasy Paradise in your favorite JuJuBe styles!

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