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Infused with the extracts of Witch Hazel... Experience the smooth, cool and soothing cleansing effect that will leave you feeling Fresh and Confident. Designed to be the perfect travel companion every bathroom bag, back pack or back pocket will have more than enough room for. Lightly scented with a renewed type fragrance our wipes will have you feeling just that. Renewed. Alcohol free, cooling and of course Flushable... Freshnaps is ready when it's time to go.

  • CUT THE CRAP – Start using the most superior flushable wipe there is in today’s market, with the light gentle cool feeling of our Which Hazel it leaves your butt feeling so FRESH AND SO CLEAN, CLEAN
  • FLUSH AWAY THE BS – Freshnaps contains only the finest ingredients like Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, & Chamomile for a cool and soothing experience your butt won’t forget. (seriously you won’t forget this experience)
  • COME ON DUDE - we don’t put none of that crap in our ingredients, you won’t find any alcohol or paragon free and our flushable wipes are 100% Biodegradable.
  • WE’RE ON A ROLL – Pair our flushable wipes with your favorite toilet paper roll and handle your scandal. Dual-layer action helps clean better when using dry toilet paper plus freshnaps flushable wipes together rather than alone
  • WE CAN HANDLE THE HEAT – Trust us when we say we compare to the top leading flushable wipes like Dude Wipes, Cottonelle, Kandoo Kids, Scott, Kirkland Signature, Perparation H, Equate, or Quilted Northern, Simpleaf.

Each package contains 40 wipes.

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