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Each Blind Box contains THREE collectible zipper pulls sealed in a silver foil bag! You won’t know what you’ve got until you open it! SURPRISE!

These interchangeable zipper pulls can easily be removed and replaced on your bag with a different character at any time. You’ll find your first collectible zipper pull on any Team Toki or Sea Amo bag. Collect all NINE by getting a few Blind Boxes. Still can’t find your favorite? Trade with a friend. FUN!

Team roster of collectible zipper pulls: Donutella, SANDy, Mozzarella, Ciao Ciao, Biscotti, Super Panda, Surf Star, Donutino, and Kick Star. Who will WIN your heart?

Go for the gold and COLLECT THEM ALL!

No returns/exchanges on Team Toki Blind Boxes.


All Team Toki Blind Boxes have been opened, and the zipper pulls are available for purchase individually. 

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