Aromatherapy Lifestyle Blends

Now you can enjoy, in your own way, the same exclusive aromatherapy blends found in our top selling lotions and botanical soaks. 
Hand blended with the highest quality, organic essential oils with no carrier oils or fillers - just pure essential oil goodness!  You decide how you'd like to incorporate these natural blends into your lifestyle.
  • Happy Days: Found in our Fresh Citrus Skin Renew Lotion

  • Muscle Rescue: Found in our Muscle Rescue Bath Soak

  • Energy + Focus: Found in our Lemon Rosemary Mint Skin Renew Lotion

  • Nighty Night: Found in our Lavender + Chamomile Cream and 407 Botanicals For Little Ones Baby Lotion           

  • Stress Less: Found in our Lavender + Clary Sage Stress Less Lotion

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